Clonard Lotto has been running on a Wednesday night for over 20 years now.

Our jackpot starts at €4,000 and an extra €750 is added to this for every week the jackpot is not won.

Each week there is a shared prize pot for match 3 winners of €750. Tickets are €2.00 and are available for the Acorn Shop, local promoters and online.

If you would like to sign up to become a promoter please contact the Parish Office on 053 91 23672 or email

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1 – The “Jackpot” can be won or shared by matching four numbers.

2 – In the event of the “Jackpot” not being won, €750 will be added to the next “Jackpot” draw subject to a maximum of €20,500, and in the event of the €20,500 “Jackpot” Not being won €750 will be reserved each week the draw is held for addition to the new “Jackpot” of €4,000.

3 – Match 3 winners will win or share €750 (or the designated amount for Match 3 winners – see rule 6) subject to a minimum of €15.

4 – The weekly draw ordinarily takes place each Wednesday night at Clonard Community Centre. The Organising Committee reserves the right to change the time and venue of the weekly draw.

5 – The numbers drawn and winners will be indicated on result sheets made available to Sellers and Members from the Parish Office, Parish social media, in the Church porches and e-mail from Smartlotto.

6 – The Organising Committee reserves the right to regulate the amount of prize money.

7 – The Organising Committee and its Officers are not liable for any loss, howsoever arising, for tickets not with the Organising Committee before commencement of draw.

8 – It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the ticket stub/entry is fully and properly completed. In all circumstances, where a stub/entry is any way spoiled it must be cancelled and a new stub with four numbers clearly marked (in the panel with the 32 numbers) be submitted.

9 – Any ticket found to be incorrectly completed shall be deemed void by the Organising Committee before the draw. If no numbers are filled in or the ticket is spoiled in any way it will be declared void. Ticket holders must be over 18 years of age. Name and contact details have to be that of a consenting adult.

10 – All entries must be with the Organising Committee before 8.15pm Wednesday and in this regard it is the sole responsibility of participants to ensure that entries are properly submitted in time. Under no circumstances will tickets be accepted after 8.15pm on Wednesday. If the Parish Office is closed the tickets can be return to the Parish Office Letterbox which will be check at 8.15pm on Wednesday.

11 – In order to avoid Promoters being compromised, no promoter shall check his/her own tickets/money. All books containing completed ticket stubs and money will be checked in by Lotto Office Staff.

12 – All prizes must be claimed within 14 days of the draw.

13 – All queries in relation to the Lotto will be entertained on production of the relevant counterfoil which will be photocopied, front and back, in the presence of the holder, who will sign the photocopy as a true copy of the original counterfoil and the original counterfoil will be returned to him/her.

14 – The photocopy will be retained in the Parish Office for adjudication by the Development Fund Adjudication Panel referred to in Rule Number 13.

15 – The Development Fund Adjudication Panel (three members of the Development Fund Committee) will adjudicate any query in relation to the Lotto within 7 days of its receipt.

16 – The decision of the Organising Committee shall be binding on all matters relating to the Draw and said Committee may add or amend rules herein from time to time as they deem necessary for the proper conduct of the Draw.

17 – A commission equivalent to 10% of the value of the winning Jackpot will be divided between the seller/sellers of the winning ticket/tickets. When purchasing a ticket from a Promoter that Promoter is deemed the seller of the ticket.

18 – A free ticket is offered on a sale of ten tickets.

19 – A promoter must register with the Parish office and must sell at least 10 tickets in order to be classified as a Promoter. If a Promoter is not registered they will not be eligible for the sellers commission